Revablend was started in February 2016 after a few years of R&D and a solid goal. The concept was born in the water while Dan Garr, the inventor, was looking for a better way to mix protein and carb drinks to hydrate while doing cross-continental ocean swims. “There is a large gap between the shaker bottle and the electric blender, and we need that product now” he said while swimming from Spain to Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar, trying to eat a banana in the water. So Dan and his team set out to create a manual blender that could blend bananas and fruit along with carb and protein powders to fuel his swim team while making these 8-10 hour swims.

“We were going through 30 – 40 plastic bottles on each swim, and now we use just one each!” Dan commented after completing this goal. “We are not only reducing the carbon footprint in wasted plastic, we are using our own muscles to power it which makes sense as an athlete!”

Dan is now building more non-electric products within Revablend. He also owns and operates Hot Buttered Elves, a toy and invention prototyping company, for over 30 years.